Friday, 22 July 2016

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 21:07:2016: Frans de Waard Special.

One of the highlights this year has been the publication of "This Is Supposed To Be A Record Label" by Timeless Editions. The author is (broken) music genius Frans de Waard. It is mainly about Frans' time at the core of Staalplaat R"This Is Supposed To Be A Record Label"ecords and also covering his time as label boss of Korm Plastics. It is refreshingly written with great insight, thought and honesty - a lot like the sounds Frans creates.
It must have been the 1986 compilation cassette "Wolfsangel" where I first came across the work of Kapotte Muziek and since then I've followed the work of Frans de Waard.
Since Xmas 2015 I have been in correspondence with Frans always asking him for something "special" for MuhMur Radio and last month he kindly allowed me to broadcast "Lions", a live performance of Modelbau from June 2016 at Wolvega Lions Club. It was originally put up for free download for a few hours via Frans' website.
The playlist features 2 Kapotte Muziek pieces both titled "Untitled". The first track is from the "Wolfsangel" 2xC90 compilation and the second from "Régénération Dégénérescence", the 1997 double CD compilation on French label Kaon. The solo Frans de Waard piece (Track 7) appears on the 2xC60 compilation "Les Illusions Magnetiques" on Ukranian label Quasi Pop. The full title is :
#1. State Conspiracy #2. Traitor #3. Police Terror #4. No Cops No Masters #5. Servants #6. Tax The Fuck #7. Kick/Kill/Kick #8. Er (Etc) Er #9. ? #10. Track Seven #11. Disco Chant/Beat #12. The Richness Of Poverty #13. Plastic Bag Take Away #14. Traitor (Again) #15. Smoking

21 July 2016 was the first day of the School Holidays so before the broadcast Tamsin and the kids ran wild around Dartington Estate Gardens … And Chris Booth was at the studio to assist in all things technical.
Take a listen : (Copy & Paste)

01: Wieman : "Alive Futurist Manifesta" (Korm Plastics/Attenuation Circuit) 2016.
02: Kapotte Muziek : "Untitled" (Nihilistic Recordings) 1986.
03: Modelbau : "Lions" (Not On Label) 2016.
04: Beequeen : "Long Stones And Circles" (Staalplaat) 1997.
05: Kapotte Muziek : "Untitled" (Kaon) 1997.
06: Frans de Waard : "#1 - #15" (Quasi Pop Records) 2013.
07: Freiband : "Nichts" (Vinyl On Demand) 2006.
08: Phantom Plastics : "I'm Freezing" (Korm Plastics) 2015.
09: Kapotte Muziek : "Borisov MX2" (Insofar Vapor Bulk) 2002.
10: Modelbau : "Glaze" (Korm Digital) 2015.
11: Beequeen : "Golden Circle" (Korm Plastics) 1999.

The next MuhMur Radio broadcast will be on August 4.

01: "This Is Supposed To Be A Record Label" by Frans de Waard.
02: The Playlist.
03: Frans.
04: The family at Dartington Estate. (Home of SoundArt Radio).
05: MuhMur Posse 21 July (Andy Howard, Chris Booth, Mathew F. Riley and Myself).

Friday, 8 July 2016

MuhMur Radio Broadcast SoundArt Radio 07:07:2016.

This broadcast features an exclusive playing of the Copley Medal performance at Ende Tymes Festival, New York on June 3 this year. Copley Medal is the solo project of Dais Records manager Ryan Martin. (The great US label that keeps putting out classic vinyl by Deviation Social + Coum Transmissions). Ryan also used to run Robert & Leopold, a bijou CDr & tape label. In the past Ryan has recorded and released as On A Clear Day and York Factory Complaint.
This live performance was captured by Frederico Escalante.
Also in the mix is a little "tribute" to my old friend John Murphy with 2 tracks, one by Lost Dominion Lost (From the compilation LP "Berlin Bruit") and the Zye Ye Ye single put out by Le Rey Records in 1981. An often overlooked project, which sounds like John caught some studio downtime whilst recording with Shriekback.
The Andre Stitt track comes from an old compilation tape on Texan label ND. ND#7 was an audio edition of the mail art/performance art/sound magazine.

I have put up a picture of the stuff I play, a lot of folk ask if I am playing the actual record / CD etc or playing downloaded files …. Let me state : I never play files.

Please copy + paste :

Next programme is on July 21 and will feature some rare sounds from Modelbau.

01: Drape Excrement / Söldnergeist : "Ordinary Bones" (Steinklang Industries) 2006.
02: Current 93 : "I Have A Special Plan For This World" (Durtro) 2000.
03: Ashpa : "Felelet" (Sound Holes) 2016.
04: Genocide Organ : "Untitled" (The Epicurean) 2016.
05: Genesis P-Orridge & The Hafler Trio : "Slave Priest" (Stampa Alternativa) 1990.
06: Nurse With Wound : "Lumbs Sister (Parts 1 & 2)" (Cerne) 1989.
07: Wir30 : "The Last Last Number" (Touch) 1995.
08: Andre Stitt : "Dogz In Heat" (ND) 1986.
09: These Feathers Have Plumes : "Tidal 2" (Robert & Leopold) 2012.
10: Copley Medal : "Annex Proto 2 (Live)" (Not On Label) 2016.
     (Live recording exclusively played by MuhMur Radio).
11: Last Dominion Lost : "Perdue" (Ironflame) 2008.
12: Zye Ye Ye : "Part One (Side View)" (Le Rey Records) 1981.
13: Psychic TV : "Thank You" (Angry Love Productions) 2011.

01: Copley Medal.
02: The Playlist.
03: MuhMur Radio "Posse". (Myself, Dave + Alice).

Friday, 24 June 2016

MuhMur Radio SoundArt Radio Broadcast : 23/06/2016.

A bizarre evening all told, with the UK referendum etc. As I type this the people of the UK have spoken and the country moves in to a more right-wing position. Soon to be aligning ourselves with the Trumps + Le Pens of this world. I was going to buy a bunch of sounds this morning but the pound went do-lally and it was costing me £50 to buy an album from Germany. Crazy Nights (as Paul Stanley once said).
This programme is a grab bag, a smorgasbord of sounds including latest releases from Modelbau, Ashpa, PBK & Wolf Eyes and Karies. The Dieter Müh piece is an unreleased mix of the track "S.O.L.A.S." that appeared on the compilation album "Notre Dame #12 - The Final Edition" released by EE Tapes in 2000. This is a mix I did immediately after the piece was recorded. This used to happen a lot, as we would record tracks and I would take an immediate mix home to listen to and Dave Uden would take his time and add little nuances etc …
The Gerry & The Holograms / O Yuki Conjugate and 3rd Door From The Left tracks come from the new 4xCD compilation "Close To The Noise Floor" on Cherry Red. Very recommended if you are interested in UK electronics at the turn of the 1980's.

01: Ashpa : "Nedves Föld" (Geräuschmanufaktur) 2016.
02: Thu 20 : "Live (Winterswijk #4)" (Midas Tapes) 1987.
03: Minny Pops : "She Said Go Go Go" (Les Temps Modernes) 2003.
04: Modelbau : "Lost" (No Rent Records) 2016.
05: Beequeen : "EE EA" (Korm Plastics) 1999.
06: Modelbau : "Lament" (No Rent Records) 2016.
07: Dieter Müh : "Mühstam (The Findhorn Christ) (Not On Label) 1998.
08: PBK & Wolf Eyes : "Dark Reflection" (Sonoris) 2016.
09: MyTrip : "Ascend" (Amek/Serpent Eve Records/Mahorka) 2016.
10: Zoviet*France : "Gathering Breath" (Alt.Vinyl) 2013.
11: Zoviet*France : "Feezeling" (Alt.Vinyl) 2013.
12: Leda : "Clear" (I Dischi Del Barone) 2016.
13: Parabelles : "Krimiboy" (Ihretwegen) 2015.
14: Karies : "Ego" (Harbinger Sound/In A Car Records) 2016.
15: Gerry And The Holograms : "Gerry And The Holograms" (Cherry Red Records) 2016.
16: O Yuki Conjugate : "Sedation" (Cherry Red Records) 2016.
17: Third Door From The Left : "In The Room" (Cherry Red Records) 2016.
18: Aavikko : "Elysian Fields" (Full Contact Records/Ektro Records) 2016.

All pictures taken at the "new" SoundArt Radio studio.
01: The Banner.
02: The Board.
03: The Decks.
04: The View.
05: The Fridge.
06: The Remainian and The Brexiteer.

Friday, 10 June 2016

MuhMur Radio SoundArt Radio Broadcast 09/06/2016 :

Tonights broadcast featured some new sounds that have arrived at Hartop Towers over the past few weeks. New releases from Post Scriptvm, Dilloway + Nyoukis, Edward Sol etc mixed with some catch-up tunes from Michael Idehall and Marc Hurtado amongst others … I was going to play some of the new LP by PBK & Wolf Eyes but whilst sorting through and reorganising my cassette collection I came across an old 1980 release from Deleted Records that features Stabmental, the Geoff Rushton project. I knew the tape had The Instant Automatons, Mic Woods, Alien Brains, Colin Potter, Merz etc but I totally forgot about this inclusion. PBK got bumped. I will definitely work some in to the playlist for June 23.
The Vit Fana track "Sia Slint" is played at the wrong speed. I played at 45rpm instead of 33.3 rpm, but to my ears it still sounds OK. Also the Teeraal Räum Pheynix track titles are written in some strange language that I cannot translate so I have used the nearest approximation for reference. The tracks come from the split cassette with Celldộd, a release that was only available at a gig in Gothenberg earlier this year.
Dave Mutch was back in the engineers chair and Alice Kemp joined in the fun and frivolity. We drank Miso Soup and ate Lentil Crisps until bedtime!

Please copy & paste :

01: Aaron Dilloway & Dylan Nyoukis : "Dropout Element #1" (Chocolate Monk) 2016.
02: Michael Idehall : "Repartiseraren" (:retortae:) 2015.
03: RGYDB Vs. Kids : "NoiseBevel (B)" (Lage Landen Lawaii) 2016.
04: Edward Sol : "Right Leg's Shorter" (Glistening Examples) 2016.
05: Post Scriptvm : "Heavy Dreams" (NEN Records) 2016.
06: Michael Idehall : "Untitled - The House Of Flames (A)" (The Ajna Offensive) 2015.
07: Teeraal Räum Pheynix : "Ev To Nav" (Brutal Disciplin) 2016.
08: Teeraal Räum Pheynix : "Xpunonoiia" (Brutal Disciplin) 2016.
09: Vit Fana : "Sla Slint" (Posh Isolation) 2016.
10: Sansernes Rus : "Rotation Number One" (Posh Isolation) 2016.
11: FRKSE : "Scholar Drugs (Diagram 2-Mono)" (I Had An Accident Records) 2012.
12: Michael Idehall : "Horsemen" (:retortae:) 2015.
13: Marc Hurtado : "Jour" (777 Was 666) 2015.
14: Stabmental : "Thin Veil Of Blood" (Deleted Records) 1980.

01: Alice & I
02: Dave.
03: Mixcloud picture!

Friday, 27 May 2016

MuhMur Radio SoundArt Radio Broadcast 26:05:2016.

The first broadcast in a month, the first broadcast from the new SoundArt Radio studio. Still on the Dartington Hall Estate, but now in the much larger and multi-roomed Space Studio #4. So big and vast they've put the turntables in a separate room away from the mixing desk and CD/Tape players.
With Dave having CarTrouble Chris Booth stepped in as engineer and turntable-meister.
Tonights broadcast features the work and sounds of Thortsen Soltau. I first became aware of Thorsten's work when I was trying to track down St. Martin, a Hamburg based artist who DJ'd the night I played Gängerviertel in 2013. St. Martin is not active on the www, and Thorsten offered himself as a go-between. Then an interesting package came through with releases on Thorsten's own m.m.label imprint and some 7" singles by the mysterious Unknown Singing Objects.

01: Sema : "The Concrete And The Klee" (Vinyl On Demand) 2012.
02: Thorsten Soltau x Max Kuiper : "Funeral (Black Banderole) (R.E.M)" (Geräuschmanufaktur)       2014.
03: Margitt Holztt : "Eventyr Er Brøde Av Drømmen" (Albert Detzel Records/m.m.label) 2011.
04: Column One & M.S.C. : "White Errors Part One #3 (Artefakt Magazine) 1999.
05: Thorsten Soltau : "Cataflaque" (Not On Label) 2016.
     (Exclusive piece recorded for MuhMur Radio. See details below).
06: Thorsten Soltau / J. Adolphe : "Eulogy For Tramadol And Mädchentraube (For HL)" (Geräuschmanufaktur) 2015.
07: Unknown Singing Objects : "Come To Daddy" (Not On Label) 2011.
08: Thorsten Soltau + Marina Stewart : "The Seranade (In Pale Daylight) (Sirenwire) 2015.
09: Thorsten Soltau + Marina Stewart : "You Never Come Back" (Sirenwire) 2015.
      (Both pieces from the cassette "M.Mories").
10: Herr Penschuck + Thorsten Soltau : "Screening" (Alrealon Music) 2012.
11: Thorsten Soltau : "Shere Khan Whitewashed By Memory" (Audio.Visual.Atmosphere) 2016.
12: Thorsten Soltau : "Malapartus" (Audio.Visual.Atmosphere) 2016.
13: Thorsten Soltau : "The Marplesley Jugend (Album Version)" (Audio.Visual.Atmosphere) 2016.
       (Three pieces from the cassette "Breathing Through Glass", a split release with Sonatine).
14: Etant Donnės : "Dog's Attack" (90% Wasser) 2005.

Thank you very much Thorsten.
Please Copy & Paste :

01: Alice Kemp + Chris Booth at the studio.
02: The MuhMur Radio bag!
03: Thorsten Soltau.

                                               Dedicated to those we lost so early. 

  1. I  Silver Lines On Red Cloth
    • Traces of a fulfilled life. A breathy voice. The flame dancing. •
  2. II  The Construct Of Humanity
    • Birth inside crystal clear water. A dream. The gift of love. •
  3. III  A Black And Everlasting Womb
    • The beauty of sleep. A breeze on the shoulder. Memories corroding. •
Music for synth tapeloops, sonic constructs and found acoustics

Programmed and constructed by Thorsten Soltau Produced from February—March MMXVI
Final editing by Thorsten Soltau

FX chains and parametric equalizing on I by Marina Stewart CATAFALQUE is a commissioned work for MUHMUR RADIO 

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Alan Courtis

It has taken me a while to want to mention recently acquired sounds on this blog, and for that I apologise. Over the past months it seems to be a blog to register the play listings on the MuhMur Radio Programme and link to the MixCloud archive. Again I apologise. I meant to keep up with the visit to secondhand record shops I visited on my travels and gigs I went to see, but life, work and having three young kids seem to have halted all that.
The last few "record reviews" I did seemed to anger the artist(e) and or label. Requests to delete my post etc and the for my last review I got an insulting personal missive from the label owner which made me think "is this really worth it?" so I stopped. "If you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all" as my mother used to say.

This year has been a good year for releases. There have been some mighty gems through the door at Hartop Towers. I try and play them on my radio programme but sometimes they slip through …

Alan Courtis, Anla Courtis, Anal Courtis the former guitarist with Reynols has just released a 10" on Nottingham's finest KIKS/Girlfriend Records. It's a limited edition lathe cut thing and one of the finest records I have heard all year. "Crystal Faisa" has two seven minute pieces. "Hamamatsu Crystal Piano" is exactly that. A recording of Alan playing the crystal piano that is at Hamamatsu Train Station in Japan. It is a melancholic piece that slowly falls in to chaos, but what appeals to my ears is the acoustics, the liveliness of the piece and the great feeling of space, the feint whisper of a tannoy announcement at the end is perfect. A magnificent construct of art. "Jaribo Y Faisa" is a small symphony for electric guitars. Layered guitars, atonal and droning creating a generator hum. I was immediately reminded of those Jim O'Rourke, Jim Plotkin and KK Null CD albums that appeared in the early 1990's. Stuff that used to be released by Charnel House, Extreme and Sentrax Corporation. For me that is the appeal.
I know the Courtis cannon is vast and it is only recently through his collaborations with Culver, Edward Sol and Kazuya Ishigami that I have given time for his work. In 2013 Anla kindly provided a "session" for MuhMur Radio.

This wonderful lathe cut is limited to 22 copies and available at

Friday, 29 April 2016

MuhMur Radio SoundArt Radio Broadcast 28:04:2016.

This is the final broadcast from the SoundArt Studio based in Higher Close, Dartington Estate. As of May 18 SoundArt Studios will be broadcasting live from Studio 4, Space Studios, Dartington Estate. A far bigger premise with room for live performance recordings and roundtable chit-chat. Exciting times.
Higher Close was a great space with lovely views over Dartmoor and I could often hear the chugging and hooting from the steam trains that run between Buckfastleigh and Totnes, great ambience / ambiance to the tunes I was playing.
So, this broadcast mainly features sounds that are recent editions to the MuhMur Collection. Mikko Aspa (of Nicole 12 / Grunt / Freak Animal Records fame) mailed me a copy of the Armon Kuilu LP. Very anonymous project with no titles or project information. I assume they / he  / she are from Finland but I don't know for sure. (Sneaking feeling it is Mikko himself), but it is one of the finest sounding albums I have heard this year. Same with the These Feathers Have Plumes / Isnaj Dui cassette on Was Ist Das? label. I hope you agree.
Licht-Ung made an inshore appearance at Electric Knife Records in London on Record Shop Day. I wish i could have been there, I wasn't so I played his single "Kristall". One of my favourite Drone Records releases.

Take a listen : (Copy + Paste) :

Playist :
01: Armon Kuilu : "Untitled" (Totuuden Sarvi Levyt) 2015.
02: These Feathers Have Plumes : "To Sleep" (Was Ist Das?) 2016.
03: These Feathers Have Plumes : "Sotto Living Room" (Was Ist Das?) 2016.
04: These Feathers Have Plumes : "Return II" (Was Ist Das?) 2016.
05: Nacht Und Nebel : "The Thousand Young" (Feral Debris) 2011.
06: Phantom Plastics : "All The Fucking Voices" (Phantom Archives) 2013.
07: Mudguts : "Pretty Slipping" (Invisible City Records) 2016.
08: Licht-Ung : "Kristall" (Drone Records) 2007.
09: Isnaj Dui : "Answers At Dawn" (Was Ist Das?) 2016.
10: I. Corax : "Nexion" (Freak Animal Records) 2000.
11: Armon Kuilu : "Untitled" (Totuuden Sarvi Levyt) 2015.
12: Comus : "Diana" (Castle Music) 2005.
13: John Foxx : "Film One" (Metal Beat/Virgin Records) 1980.
14: Human Larvae : "Psychosis/Epiphany/Exit" (Freak Animal Records) 2016.

The next broadcast will be on May 26 at 20:00 gmt. It will feature the subtle electronic sounds of Thorsten Soltau, including material especially commissioned for MuhMur Radio.